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My Top 10 Batman Villains

Let’s face it villains make or break a good comic book. No hero has a more infamous group of Rogues than the Dark Knight himself. Here’s my attempt to pick which ones are the best in my opinion.


10. Ra’s Al Ghul

imageWho better to start off the list than with the immortal Ra’s? Ra’s is a well rounded villain, he’s smart, strong, wealthy and keeps coming back even after he’s been defeated or killed. He leads the league of assassins and is hell bent on taking over the world and shaping it in his image with or without Batman’s help. He’s offered Batman time and time again to join him in this new world but the Dark Knight continues to refuse him.  Add that to the fact that Ra’s is Grandfather to Bruce’s son and father to one of the few people he loves and you get one extremely interesting and complicated villain. 

9. Harley Quinn

imageHarley Quinn is the Joker’s answer to Robin for Batman. Even though she didn’t get her start in a comic but rather the Batman animated series fans loved her enough that DC had to include her as an official character in the comics. Harley started off as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum and was slowly corrupted by the Joker who saw an ally and love interest in her. What makes her such a great villain is her obsession for “Mr. J” she will stop at nothing to please him. Although she isn’t much of a threat to Batman in a one on one fight it’s her behind the scenes scheming and organizing that makes her a real pain in the neck.  

8. Clayface

imageWhat makes Clayface so interesting as a villain is that he literally can be anyone, meaning Batman needs to really use his detective skills to stop him. He started out as an horror film actor that was pissed when he found out they were remaking his classic film, so like any emotional actor would, he donned the mask of the villain he once played and killed everyone involved with the remake.  After stealing the ability to shape shift from an evil group of shape shifters, he can turn his body into anything he can imagine and with a malleable clay body he is a physical challenge Batman has to adapt to try and beat each time. 

7. Poison Ivy

imagePoison Ivy is different from all other villains (except Catwoman) in the way that she uses being a woman to her advantage. As a result of scientific experiments she gained the ability to control plants and produce pheromones that can drive men to do her bidding. She thinks humans are below plants and desires (like Ra’s) to kill off a large number of the population so plants can take back over. Her inner struggle with her feelings for Batman keeps things interesting and unstable. Her use of seduction makes her a villain that has often showed that while Batman is above most men, he still has needs and desires. 

6. Man-Bat

imageMan-Bat is a very under appreciated villain, often times falling into obscurity. Although not always a villain, Man-Bat is a great as a villain because he is the fear that Bruce Wayne had to overcome, bats. His looks are what add so much to his villainy, he resembles something out of a classic Hollywood monster flick, and acts like it too.  His mutations and powers come from a special serum which gives him the ability of flight, echolocation, super strength and razor sharp claws. He acts a reminder that although he may dress as a bat, Batman is still a man and isn’t the only bat ruling over Gotham at night.   

5. Mister Freeze

imageThe best part of Mister Freeze as a villain is the fact that deep down he doesn’t want to do it. Everything things he does, all the crimes are for one sole purpose; to save his wife Nora. However this doesn’t mean he isn’t ruthless he will kill anyone and everyone just to get his wife back. He is of genius level intelligence, able to create gadgets Bruce can’t (or possibly just hasn’t) and with his freeze ray technology he is able to get ahead of the Dark Knight. What makes him such an interesting character for stories is that Batman has to fight him knowing that deep down he’s a good man or at least once was.

4. Killer Croc

imageGood villains are usually the ones that can inflict fear without even saying a word, Killer Croc does that and then some. Not only is his appearance menacing but his reputation is too because Batman knows if he fails to  defeat him he isn’t just going to just die but he’ll be eaten too. Croc is the product of bad luck born with a medical condition that caused him to grow more and more like a crocodile, he was ridiculed as a child and was an outcast which caused him to deeply hate all of mankind. His hatred and disregard for human life matched with his incredible strength make him a villain you don’t want to mess with.

3. Scarecrow 

imageWhat’s more terrifying than a villain whose sole purpose is to exploit ones deepest darkest fear and then kill them? Scarecrow is a villain that gives Batman a taste of his own medicine and uses fear to his advantage. Over the years Scarecrow is one of the few villains to break down the Bat with his fear toxin making him face his own fears if he wants to win. Any villain that can even slightly scare the Dark Knight definitely deserves the right to be a top villain. His psychology background also is a reminder that although he’s the one locking them up, Batman might be as insane as the inmates in Arkham.

2. The Riddler

imageThe Riddler is an interesting villain in they way that he challenges Batman almost completely mentally. All he wants is to prove his intellect is far superior to the Caped Crusader. Although Batman is a genius in may ways the Riddler is actually smarter then him, in most cases he cheats his way through the Riddler’s mazes and death traps rather than actually solving the puzzle. Anytime that a villain makes Batman show off his detective work rather than just his fighting skill, they are a worthy opponent and the Riddler is just that. He is a villain that doesn’t want to just beat you but wants to embarrass you completely in the process just to prove he’s better than you.

1. The Joker

imageThere’s not many lists where you won’t find the Joker at the very top of the list for Batman’s top villains and for good reason. Joker is Batman’s arch enemy, any story with him in is much more interesting than those without him by default. He’s killed Robin, crippled Batgirl and has done all he could to drive Batman insane and get him to break his only rule (all with a smile on his face). In many ways Joker is the exact opposite of Batman both witness terrible crimes done to the people they love but they reacted in different ways, one choosing to stop things like that from happening again and one making sure people felt what he feels, that life is just one big joke. In may ways Joker represents what Bruce could have become and for that reason and many many more he deserves to be number one.

So there you have it my top ten of Batman’s best bad guys. Did I miss your favorite? Want to debate people that should be higher or lower? Why not let me know here?

How Nintendo could catch-up in the console war

The Wii U has been out coming up on a full year this November and has been doing…decently. However no one besides maybe Nintendo themselves would say they are winning the console war. However I know a way they easily could improve their chances of being on top again (probably next generation at this point).

First let’s clear somethings up, I am a fan of Nintendo but not a fanboy by any means and at the same time I don’t hate Nintendo either I just think they’ve missed out on some amazing potential. I love all video games I don’t care what console it’s on as long as it’s a great game that’s all that matters to me. So here’s my list of major changes that could boost Nintendo to the #1 spot for game consoles:

Quality over unique:

Although innovation is a good thing and being unique is very commendable for a company, but when it puts you behind your competition it becomes just a gimmick. I give credit to Nintendo for trying new things with their controllers and game play but lately it’s become a distraction, instead of focusing on graphics and technical aspects of their system the focus it entirely around their latest gimmick (this time around basically a tablet/second screen controller). Now I don’t mind the Wii U’s Gamepad it’s fun an being able to still play without the TV is great but it causes problems as well. Let’s take a look.


First of all it’s huge (one of the largest controllers to date), however it does fit comfortably in your hand but the problem is, it’s still not as comfortable in your hands and easily stored as the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers are. Second problem is, the huge screen, most games use it in someway or another which is great but they are forgetting one thing, for games that come out on multiple consoles developers need to do additional work to integrate the touch screen functions of the controller, which might turn some developers away, less developer=less games=less people buying the console. 

So how do they fix this? For a start shipping a Pro Controller (Nintendo’s more traditional looking controller) with every console would do wonders. This way they can still have their unique controller and one people are more familiar with that developers can more easily develop games for. However they need to in the future to start working on catching up to Microsoft and Sony. The Wii U  now finally has HD graphics, but in comparison to what the Xbox One and PS4 will be able to do is still an entire generation behind, if they are ever going to win the console war they need to put the gimmicks aside and focus on tech power.

Focus on hardcore gamers not families:

Sure Nintendo has made a name for itself make games for families and casual gamers but they are missing out on a huge demographic by doing so. Must gamers are “hardcore” gamers and don’t mind graphic nature in there games and aren’t big on the mostly cute worlds Nintendo has to offer. Now i’m not saying start adding blood every time Mario stomps on a Goomba or anything like that but there does need to be more options for gamers that are tired of all the cuteness. There is one Nintendo exclusive that definitely could make it’s way as a Hardcore M rated game.


That’s right Metroid. Think about it, Samsus (a bounty hunter) goes on missions to strange dark planets, this game would work perfectly as a Dead Space style game. Make it dark, make it creepy, heck the game was based off of the movie Alien after all. Sure you might lose some players that are too young or might get scared but it would be a great way to show hardcore gamers that Nintendo isn’t just for kids anymore. I know Nintendo has attempted to be me “hardcore” lately but by taking one of their main characters and making the jump from T to M would be gutsy move that would not go noticed. It might just open to door for other characters to make the jump as well (a much darker Legend of Zelda anyone?)

Trust your exclusives: 

One thing I’ve never understood is why Nintendo doesn’t properly utilize their exclusives. Their exclusives literally sell consoles, I bought my Wii U because I refuse to miss out on the next Zelda or Smash Bros. game. So  why not use that to their advantage? We haven’t see a Star Fox game (not including the remake of Star Fox 64) came out in 2006, aka 7 years ago. Each console gets about 2 Zelda games in the series and 1 Smash Bros. game. I understand making games takes time and Nintendo strives for excellence in their games but for their top series they need to try to space them out evenly across the life of their console. What’s happening now is they will release some big name games at the beginning or end of the life of the console but then will just get a bunch of crappy third party party style games in between. You need a big release at least once to twice a year to keep things exciting. 

Bring back some old franchises:

There was a time when Nintendo was hands-down the king of video game consoles (sorry Sega fans but search your feelings you know it to be true). Part of the reason for this was the massive collection of franchises they had, however some over the years have changed hands , become multi-platform or faded away. Nintendo could be the ones to bring them back.


The return of game franchises such as Earth Worm Jim, Megaman, Bomberman and even Mario RPG that did so well in the NES and SNES heyday could be a great way to help Nintendo’s future and bring some nostalgia back for fans. I know the games I mentioned weren’t entirely owned by Nintendo but fighting to get the rights back could be well worth it, otherwise they could lose more to their competition (Banjo & Kazooie will never again grace a Nintendo console).  

Nintendo has been a household name for almost as long as there have been video games, however they still have a lot of catching up to do.

What do you think Nintendo should do to take back the console war?

Red Hood Vs. Winter Soldier: Results

Last week I asked “Who would win in a fight between Red Hood and Winter Soldier?” 

Well the results are in…. after a week of voting fans chose and the winner is…


Red Hood

Results: In a close fight Red hood won out 54% of votes that came in, with Winter Soldier just falling short at 46%.

How: Red Hood’s greatest advantage was his use of explosives and tasers. Although Bucky is a great shot, Jason is used to dodging bullets and knife fights, that leaves just his Bionic arm as his advantage which as was stated could be disabled with electrical shock, which Jason had with his taser. Super spy or not it would be hard for Bucky with a heavy disabled bionic arm to outrun Jason’s explosives.

The Winner is Red Hood.

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